Artist statement

I have always been fascinated by design, pattern and colour, and in 1980 when combined with a growing interest in ceramics, I realised that enrolling on an  Art & Design degree course in the Potteries was a sensible plan of action. My other interests in wild flowers and nature conservation were and still are a major influence on my work today. 

I feel with hindsight that I was like a painter who found his expression through ceramics. This was especially true throughout my training and early career exploring all manner of ceramic decorating techniques without much interest in the process of making. In fact, in the early days this is where I thought my career would be as a surface pattern designer within the ceramic industry.

Gradually, "making" became more relevant to me and I have explored a new range of shapes that include slab forms, coiling and casting. A lot of my decoration involves using the "tubeline" technique which is a fine slip applied on the clay before firing. This is a satisfying process which brings the design alive and is visually three dimensional. My main concern in using this technique is not to lose the spirit of the design.

I have also experimented with lustres for many years with increasing levels of understanding of a difficult and challenging process.

After over 30 years of practicing as a professional ceramic artist, I am still learning and that sense of exhilaration that results from a good firing is a great incentive to keep creating new work.